Technical Art of Halo 5 Discussion (3PM Eastern)

A little out of the ordinary, but for those who are interested:

Link: Live Stream

> Learn what it’s like to be a technical artist on Halo 5 today at 3PM EST
> Most conversation around the Halo series has to do with either the general state of its first-person shooter design, or how the game series is deeply connected to the success of Microsoft’s Xbox Live gaming platform. But today we want to ask, what’s it like to work as a technical artist on the series?
> Today at 3PM EST, we’re going to be talking with Halo 5: Guardians technical artist Ben Laidlaw, who will be giving a talk at GDC specifically about caching geometry in order to make responsive environments that respond to player combat. You can catch the full talk at GDC in February, but today we’re going to be talking to Laidlaw about what it’s like filling a small (but important!) role in a triple-A company.
> So if you’ve ever wanted to hear about the nuts and bolts of making a Halo game, or just want to want to ask Laidlaw about how to solve technical problems on your own game, join us at 3PM EST for a crash course on the technical art of Halo.

It’s over, I watched it.

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> It’s over, I watched it.

Good stuff. Interesting to peek behind the scenes and get a different perspective on things.

For those who missed it, here’s the archive of the stream.