Teching up or upgrading?

Going to predict the new meta is going to be using core units at T2 (supply only) until you tech up to T3 for quicker TTK aka time to tanks.

I’m wondering what is more effective, climbing up to T3 or using those 1500 power in unit upgrades.

So far the games I’ve lost and some of the ones I’ve won have been about spamming core units (Grunts, Engis, Banshees, etc) and saving all the power for Wraiths. And since scorpions are now buffed that can also be a valid strategy for UNSC I think.

Currently I’ve had success going grunts/engineers and mixing 2 or 3 hunters in.

What are your early impressions?

I’d imagine a Warthog + Sentinel combo would hold well from 5min to 10min. Depending on if the enemy is maining vehicles or not. If yes, then I’d need to save up for Tech 3. If not, I’d spend the power on upgrades.
But it’s all just theory.