Tech Preview Weapon Drills and Bot Feedback

The Weapon drills were useful. But it needs more then the simple predictable routes given to the bots.

If we put a simple 2d coordinate on the floor with the origin being the player, What I want is bots that remain at a constant y from the player. but move around the x axis like an actual strafing human opponent. unexpected left right movements mixed in with straight line strafe, crouches, jumping when no shield, etc. Give them some cover. And have a bot placed at close, medium, and long range. Maybe even allow customization of the weapon drills?

I am unsure what the goal of 343 was with the bots in infinite. Simply fun to kill? Or challenging and good at winning?

If the goal was to make the bots just fun to kill, i guess it worked out in the preview. the bots especially shined in 1v1 close/mid range fights.

but if you want the bots to win and be more challenging, i have some suggestions.

  1. have the bots spread out while still maintaining sight lines with each other

  2. program the bots to “camp” when team numbers are even or bots have less numbers (numbers meaning players in respawn or active).

  3. program the bots to be aggressive when numbers are in their favor.

And obviously, make sure the issues with bots “giving up”, staring at floor/sky, getting stuck, or trying to execute multiple tasks at once causing “stuckness” gets sorted out. it especially happens when bots get team shot from multiple angles. they cant “choose” who to react to.

there are many posts for feedback my friend.