Tech Preview Thoughs and Opinion

Hello, I would like to express some of my positive and negative experiences trough this test flight.
I played it on my series x
First and foremost my issues : 2 crashes , desyncs , some shadows not loading properly ,sometimes the wait time was too long but i think this was a knonwn issue.
Some quirks of mine : respawn time is to long 6 second would be better.
The new radar could be confusing .
Sprinting is back - i don’t know what to say bout this one ( i think in Infinite this is jsut cosmetical)
ADSing with non-ranged weapons does not seems to be Halo 5 smart scope system -which is good , i strongly diskliked Halo 5 ADS and sandbox .
Maybe just an isssue concerning me but i would like if more weapons spawned in the levels - for reserve ammunition.
The spike grenade is back ,but could we get other nade types - especially a cyro one and my personal favorite back - the firebomb grenade .
Overal i liked the weapon sandbox of Infinite and the equipments( expecialy tjhe grapleshot) . The graphics are amazing and with time and our feedback i am sure we will get a polished game. The BR was fun , the Commando is an interesting new weapon . The Heatwawe and the Ravager has some very unique place in the combat loop - i liked it . I disliked the pulse carbine a little. Halo Infinite will be a great and fun Halo game.

Also some quirks - grav hammer pushbakc MUST Return, Nade explosion effect must return. If you buy the single player campaing , some armor and battle pass unlocks would be nice . Progression system is good but if you as a customer bought the game ( i know the multiplayer is f2p but if you buy the campaing) they should get some sweet armor and coatings etc. A minor improvement about the coating system would be if we had acces to a very simplistic primary and secondaly color customization system example :blue and gold.

It was a lot of fun, I think bots will be fun to teach newer players the game, and good for a quick warmup before competitive.

Hopefully the next flight is PVP.

My only complaints really is that the aiming feels terrible just like halo 5 did, there doesn’t seem to be any physics. You can’t even grenade jump anymore, and honestly the frags are too bouncy and slick.

However overall it feels like halo which is net positive