Tech preview pros and cons

All right I don’t want to start some terrible custom game war here where we just complain about things that were bad or compliment just a good things.

So my ask of people that replied to this post is post at least a pro and a con. Forever good thing you have to say put something else you would like to see happen changing things up a bit.


  • Pulse carbine was not only fun but innovative. Definitely made people play differently with a new type of weaponry. - The tech demo overall was phenomenally fun even when I lost games against other players I was never disappointed. - The heat wave was also well designed and have zero complaints about it. - The grappling hook and other equipment was phenomenal looking forward to seeing even more.Cons:

  • Was not overly joyed by the skewer my suggestion on that would be to redesign it to be a faster reload time or reload while zoomed in . Or have it to where it’s more of a support weapon increasing bullet magnetism while keeping the long range devastation. - The bulldog shotgun felt different. I did enjoy the fast shooting of it but it felt like I have to kiss someone with a barrel to kill them. However I can only speak for my own personal experience considering I’m not good with the shotgun in general. - The assault rifle felt a little overpowered but I think with the balancing of other weapons it can become good as is but only time can tell. - The battle rifle definitely feels different, I feel like this is kind of going against my rules it’s neither a pro nor a con again I feel like this might be something that can change over time but if you have to give it some cautionary advice I would say keep it on the back burner for right now and see how the rest turns out.
    Totally enjoyed the tech preview and I think that 343 hit the nail on the head so far. I’m sure all of us are looking forward to new flights and more people included in the flights to come. Also looking forward to having Spartan level bots. Also the armor and customizations are phenomenal as well in my opinion. Thank you for coming to my halo TED talk.

I really like how the equipment is used now
grappling hook is dope as hell
maps in my opinion were all good in their own way

drop shield takes wayyyy too long to deploy
the wall clambering feels weird
i couldn’t find a map layout for the maps I played, it would be nice to have an option to just see the layout in the pause menu.

I agree with you that the flight was amazing and love the direction they’re going in. I really hope they can make this this game the best Halo game anyone has played that can last a long time.