Tech Preview 2 Feedback: Plasma Pistol EMP Should Come Back

The conversations around the Plasma Pistol were good to read over the course of the flight. It went from near outrage at the removal of its ability to EMP vehicles, to mild dislike, and then shifted to constructive criticism about its role in the Arena and Big Team Battle gameplay loop. We expected a bit of shock when that change came into play, but we were happy to see the conversation shift towards feedback - because we agreed with a lot of it. We also noticed it wasn’t performing well in its intended role against Spartans. Thanks to your feedback, we’ll be looking at some targeted changes to address its shortcomings against Spartans. We can’t guarantee these changes will make launch, but they are in-progress and will make their way to the game soon.

Bring back the EMP on the plasma pistol. The plasma pistol was utterly worthless to pick-up in the technical test. None of the maps have an abundance of plasma pistols anyway (esp. BTB), and even with stronger tracking, it’s not very useful against spartans unless you’re in close range. EMP was the 1 reason this weapon actually has a place in the sandbox IMO. Sure, in a smaller map you could use it in a combo with a precision weapon, but often a person that has good aim with a precision weapon will be just as effective.

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This, the plasma pistol was right like it was on the older games, why change what doesn’t needs to be.
I hate this trend.

It’s honestly the most useless weapon in any Halo game currently. I can’t think of any logical reason to use it outside of noob-comboing. Even then you’re probably better off having two other weapons anyway.

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Yep, another well thought out feature removed for no reason.

They are probably going to add it in the Battle Pass as a slimy paid feature