TECH clan recruiting

Tech clan is now recruiting !!!

The requirements

Must be rank 20+ so we know that you play.There is no required set of colors or emblems you must use.Also a mic is needed and no cussing.

The ranks
These ranks will be determined by skill and rank. We will have matches against each other but mostly other clans,i will set the dates.


Why should we join ?

Ever been on that big team battle and you get in the warthog and have the worst driver or gunner.Well no more with this clan we will make sure people who just got the game don’t drive your warthog into a scorpion.Also we will be able to make strategies and be much more efficient.We will be able to make the clan better as well as one another(and beat campaign on legendary to get that Masterchief helmet).

If interested send a message or friend request to Onionn Knight.Thank you

Where are you guys from?

I’m from maryland in america