Teamwork needs communication and cooperation.

Advertising my new Spartan Company, Imposingly Organized.
The purpose of this spartan company is to gather a reliable database of active, skillful and cooperative players to draw upon come game-time. If you know the pain of being match-made into, and deprived of a win by, a team of players that are not as passionate about the fight as you are, then join!
To maximize cooperation and efficiency, being paired with like-minded players is CRUCIAL! So if playing smart and strategically with lots of communication and teamwork, join, and be the next step in a solid network of similar gamers.
Before joining, it is requested that you have:

  • Respect for your teammates - A microphone - A fair understanding of the game - A willingness to communicate and cooperate - A sense of maturityIMPORTANT
    Be Mannerly!
    The purpose of this group is to see more fun out multiplayer, not less. If you have any intention of insulting or antagonizing your fellow teammates because their skills are not up to par with you, or any reason at all, don’t bother joining. Besides, if that’s your thing, then there’s a better group for you other there somewhere anyways.I will do my best to actively monitor company requests and messages which you can send here: sConfidential, Imposingly Organized