Teamwork is KEY!!!

I don’t know how many Warzone Firefight matches I’ve been in since release that have failed due to uncooperative players, and frankly, it’s tiring. Whether you have a mic or not, you should be teaming up, focusing your fire on one boss at a time instead of scattering throughout the map trying to tackle every one at once, or going for most kills. You just get killed, ruin your spawn timer and cause your team to fail.
For instance, if you’re in a match where you have to fight Warden Eternal on round 3 (which I think is stupid on 343’s part), It can still be done, if everyone fights his manifestations one at a time, TOGETHER. Stop scattering. Coordination is key.

I understand being a lone wolf, to a degree, but you have to work together to fight the bosses, defend the armories, or protect the cores and generators, or it’s not gonna happen. The match will fail. Shouldn’t have to go through several medium to short matches because players want to rush to their death, just to get one successful match of Firefight.

I agree.

I usually get like almost half of my wins with no cooperative players while the rest of the time I have bad teammates.

Agreed, but as a solo player who uses his mic and tries to work as a team I rarely find other players who are also using their mics. Just about an hour ago I got put in a FF match where six of my teammates were in a party and the rest of us got destroyed. Sadly its the same thing in area and other WZ modes, people got mics but no one is talking.