Teams on Halo Waypoint

It would be nice to be able to create Teams exactly like the spartan companies do. So, Into halo waypoint / community, near the taste “create spartan company”, there would also be the “create team” button so as to add gamertag of the members.

I was thinking of three types of teams, depending on the game modes:

Core teams (4vs4 modes), max 6 players
BTB Team (8vs8 modes), max 12 players
Warzone Team (12vs12 modes), max 18 players.

One gamertag can be added in more than one team if they are of a different type (example core team and btb team) but not in two teams of the same type (example two core) obviously.

Each team has a rank (Competitive Team Ranking) from bronze to champion similar as CSR. Winning against another team gives more points than free agents. On Halo Waypoint, a section could show the “Team Leaderboards”, also based on the country the team belongs to.

Each team would have a dedicated section on the site, as spartan companies, with profile, members, service records, and match summary.

when a team starts the matchmaking search, the system will give priority to find another team. If this is not possible, the opponents will be free agents. When two teams meet in matchmaking, the statistics are recorded as “scrim” so if you want to see only scrims stats, you just need to go to the match summary of the team to see all matches versus other teams.

The teams can be independent, or affiliated with a spartan company so, if they are affiliated, the name of the company will appear next to the team name. On the companies also will be showed all teams affiliated.

what do you think? do you like the idea?