I know it is aggravating when being grouped with very bad players that fail to pick up any more than 5 kills but get more than 15 deaths when you yourself are getting sub 5 deaths and over 15 kills. For example, a game I was in just 5 minutes ago, I got 17 kills and 6 deaths but had teammates getting 6 kills and 12 deaths each and such aswell as picking up minus kills by (somehow) jumping off the edge of the map. I know it is angering that you lose games and maybe drop a rank when people aren’t pulling their weight and causing your team to lose.

I do however, believe that we can’t blame 343 for this. The player matching aswell as team grouping is 100% random except in the case of parties created before searching. So we can’t blame 343 when we get teamed with people that can’t tell the trigger from the thumbstick. Whining about it is not going to make any difference, there is little that 343 can do.

I do believe a solution to this is to group rankings together, so that players with higher ranks also get grouped with players of a high rank, like in Halo 3. For example, people with a rank between 11 and 15 get grouped, people with rank 16-20 get grouped, and so on. This would balance the lobbies that are chosen and make it so that higher ranked players aren’t holding up a team of players that are only rank 1-5.

Feel free to give feedback on this but I imagine that this could be a fix for the ever-existing problem of players being matched with other players that can’t pick up more than a few kills whilst constantly feeding for the other team.