Teammates wanted!

Looking for a few teammates who enjoy the concept of teamwork :smiley: Seems these types of players are hard to come by nowadays… I’ve got a friend who I’ve been playing with ever since Halo 2. We play well together, just could use one or two more reliable people to go into matchmaking with.

You can respond here or look me up on live GT is Caedus13

I’m very interested and I would love to join. My gamertag is digitalklear.

I know you said a team, but do you think you’d like a clan? Our name is Team gaming: Halo and we focus on working together to win and have fun. We split our members into separate teams, so you and your friend would be getting what you want. We don’t have many members yet, but check out our website if you’re interested. I checked your service record on and you look like you’d be good for us.