Teammates Wanted Once Ranks Reset

As you all know 343 is working on improving the multi-player experience which includes resetting the ranks.
I am definitely looking forward to it!

What I am not looking forward is ways going in solo.

I prefer to find a small group of people I can rely on to be ready to get this onyx with me!

Just be chill and good at communicating. I’m not asking for much from you.

If this sounds good to you please respond with your gamertag. Also feel free to add my gamertag Nark0ticz. I’m not constantly checking way point.

Have a great day folks!!!

Add me - GT: MghtyAbrxs

I stopped grinding ranked cause the matchmaking was trash, but I’m a pretty solid player with good coms and versatile play styles. I’m definitely interested in trying ranked again after the reset.

Can always add me. GT: IntoValhalla. First L is actually a capital i.