Teammates that always go negative

In every game, going back to halo reach, my team is ALWAYS losing by 10+ kills. I’m not saying that I always carry my team, but my teammates are always doing stupid decisions or are just plainly terrible. I only had about one, ONE, good game yesterday where my team actually KNEW what they were doing. I then check how they did and they usually go -8, they just can’t stop dying!

While making this thread, my team just lost a game by 40…FORTY!!! It always seem like the other team just knows what they are doing, while mine look like they are just fascinated by the graphics and have never played halo before.

I don’t know if the halo gods have been trying to challenge me for 3 years or Halo doesn’t like me with good teams, but I’m seriously tired of playing with terrible teammates.

Please discuss if your teammates are always this bad.