Teammate/Enemy Identification Outlines

This isn’t an issue I have seen many others bring up, so I’d be interested to hear some thoughts on the removal of the typical red vs blue teams, where everyone on the same team had the same colored armor for identification. I am not a fan of the new colored outlines for two reasons.

The most annoying of which is how difficult it had made it to make stealthy plays. It used to feel super satisfying slipping by enemies not paying attention and being able to grab a flag or plant a bomb in assault. But now you’re constantly a bright red glowing target that the whole team can see from halfway across the map. There’s no chance of trying to be stealthy.

Second, is it feels like a self defeating system. The point of the outlines is to allow players to show their chosen armor colors. (Never mind that the coating system significantly limits player expression of armor colors over previous titles.) But most teammates just look blue, and most enemies just look red. Unless you’re right on top of somebody, you can’t really differentiate player’s chosen colors. It just doesn’t really add anything to the game for me.

My solution is to completely scrap the coating system and go back the the primary/secondary color scheme. The primary color would be the team color when playing a team game, but the secondary could still show to retain at least some customization.