Teaming up

hello. Names Mickey. I’m looking for 3 people with a passion for halo. I play halo for fun most of the time but, it is frustrating trying to win by yourself. I want to make a team that can work together in any gametype and win. I’m not the best halo player at all. In fact, I would like a person that is better than me to join to teach me how to win. I’ve played halo since H3 and I really didnt get in to competitive play until H:Reach. I have basic knowledge of maps and timings but, I want to get better. I want to grow this skill and make it second nature. Game Battles will be a thing. I have an account there(I think), and I would like to play matches on there and possibly rank up with the team that I make.

I’m not the greatest at recruitment but, I hope that this post reaches out to a select few with the same passion as me. You can reply back here or add my gamer tag and hopefully we can play and win.

Thanks for reading.

GT: mickeymouse08