Team Vital Shot is looking for 2 players to compete in HCS

Hey Guys! We are looking for two players who fit well to join our competitive team to attend events next year!

Basic Requirements Needed for tryout:

  1. Have a positive KDR.
  2. Ranked Diamond 5 at the bare minimum.
  3. 18+ and able to play minimum 25 hrs per week!
  4. Mature, level headed players who have positive attitude and team oriented playstyle.
  5. Be flexible and willing to travel to every event.

I strive to be the best player I can be and can put minimum of 30 hrs a week of game time and even more going over game play and strategies. We love competitive halo and have experience traveling to MLG events in H2 and H3.

If interested please post your GT here with a little info about yourself and I will get back to you during the week!

  • Jorge aka RuNPuRe

GT Im Sapes

Im a motivated player with an interest in the pro scene. I’m 21 years old, married and am honest with myself and others. Currently ranked 1754 in Solo/Duo Controller and 1814 in open, even though it doesn’t mean much lol. I’m focused on improving my overall gameplay and I believe the best way to do that is to play with and against likeminded individuals. I’ve played Fps for 10 years and used to be into pubstomping playing mainly cod so I never really got into the competitive scene until now. If you’re interested hmu and id be open to talking some more and answering whatever questions you might have.


Awesome bro! I will send you FR when I get back home and we will definitely run some games!

GT: Spades777

I’m ranked onyx and have been looking for a team to compete in tournaments for a couple of months now. would be great to run some games soon to see if i fit well on your team.

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Send you a FR Spades! We need one more!

GT: Humble4538

Semi-pro from H3,4 and reach. Onyx ranked player and willing to put in the time needed to improve and make it to the main stages. 30 years old and married, but no kids. Do have previous event exp. but its been quite awhile. very interested in team play and forming strats. Very level headed and can take as constructive criticism and advice, while also providing those things in return to my teammates. ive done the semi-pro thing once and I want to make that push into the full blown pro scene. feel free to look up my halotracker and contact me with any questions you may have for me.

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Just sent you a FR. We can run some games soon!

xBozta been playing halo since 2001. Have lots of gamebattles exp in multiple titles. Mlg comp online exp in other titles. Willing to travel to all events 2022

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Bozta send me a FR and we can run some games in the near future