Team up for ODST tomfoolery

The Purpose- ABOVE ALL ELSE IS TO HAVE FUN! If you need them, we can stop and get achievements along the way. This is Campaign and Firefight! We will not limit what we can do.

Do I need anything?- Besides XBL and a copy of ODST, no. No mics are required. No nothing is required other then what is essential.

Why should I care about this?!- You shouldn’t. I’m only asking people who are interested and willing with the time permitted. Not anyone who isn’t going to give an effort.

What else should I know?- If you are targeting for the Endure achievement, try somewhere else. Endure is hell and is painful and takes a long time to get. I will be willing to help anyone get it, but that is a completely different matter. The difficulty will be whatever is decided on, except for easy. No hand-holding!

And the number one thing you should remember is that this is for fun, the main purpose of video games. No hating or being uncivilized or team-killing. If you are a team-killer, then I will refuse to accept you. If you have a mic and start screaming at another teammate, I will boot you from the party, because you will ruin the fun. If you have to get going somewhere and we are in the middle of the game, thats fine, I understand that everyone has other things in their life besides a video game.

The date has yet to be decided. As soon as I find a couple of people willing, then we will talk about time and the date.