Team Tryouts looking for teamates

We are looking to assemble a competitive team, My partner and I have previous event experience and online league experience. If you take the time to fill out the quick survey below we would very much appreciate it.

What is your gamer tag?
Do you have any event or online experience?
What is your preferred role?
What is your respawn location knowledge?
Do you know how to bait and switch? (on scale 1-10 how comfortable are you with this skill?) EXP: 8/10
Battle rife/DMR skill (1-10) EXP 9/10
Sniper skill (1-10)
How independent can you be when your teammates are down?
Do you know map call outs?
What time zone do live in? (PST, EST and ETC.)
What does you Schedule look like for practice, scrims and matches?
What is you plan with competitive gaming?

Would you like to add anything else? (gaming highlights, montages etc)