Team Throwdown - Split screen?

Hi :slight_smile:

Me and my brother are planning to start playing Team Throwdown playlist soon.
However, we always play split screen together!

So I was just wondering, will we be able to play TT without the screen lag?
Maps such as: Adrift, Haven, Abandon, Solace all work perfectly. Dispatch and Simplex are HORRIBLE.

I have never played Skyline, Onyx and Station 9 on split sreen, so my question is, are these 3 maps playable on split screen? Or is it tooo much screen lag?

Default maps and DLC maps = Smooth gameplay still

if you’re willing to put up with lots of hate… back out whenever a forged map wins… thats all you can do if your split screen.

Disgraceful they haven’t done anything about this. Split screen problems plagued reachs forge, this should have been foreseen, I would love an option to play splitscreen without the generated lighting I think that might be what causes the frame lag in split forge, if so it’s an easy fix that should be put in the game, because MM is virtually unplayable on split as it is annoying to back out of every forge map online, especially since all the forge maps are better than the on-disc maps. Split screen Halo is one of the funnest experiences ever and it’s not accessible on this game cos 343i lazy. sadsadsada