Team splatters...

OK who else is pissed off that an teammate can splatter kill us. Its doesn’t even have to be that hard of contact they can just tap you and you shields are gone. It’s something that you shouldn’t be able to do. Its especially annoying when you spawn in with a power weapon, you take 2 steps and poof your dead because a teammate in a ghost flys by and clips you with the side of their ghost. Like just yesterday I spawned in with a Halo CE magnum and I was splatted by a teammate once I spawned. It wasn’t the end of the world because I still had 9 left and I got it back but its really frustrating. Let me know what you guys think about this topic.

And the same the other way around.
I’m really careful of teammates when I spawn in a vehicle, so I’m trying to dodge around them in tight spots and usually end up dying because of it.
I don’t think it should be removed, just reduced.

It doesn’t happen often enough to upset me.

I love how i can literally get bumped by a ghost maneuvering and my shield is gone but when I am flying at someone boost and all I somehow fail to splatter someone.

I was playing BTB, had a sniper rifle walking along a ledge, when a friendly ghost comes driving up the ledge and hits me… sending me into no man’s land 1 shot

Thread title sounds mildly erotic.

I do agree with the sentiment, though it happens rarely enough for me (and I’m a damn miser when it comes to actually burning larger value cards in Warzone) that it doesn’t bug me. I can, however, see how this could get infuriating if you, say, spawned a Heartseeker or SPNKr Prime, got teamkilled, then the enemy got the damn thing off your corpse.

I do use standard chain 'Hogs and Ghosts a lot, though, and I try to be very mindful of my teammates around me. I mean, yeah, sometimes I’m boosting in a Ghost and a teammate lands on my hood and gets splorched on impact or (the poor sods) spawn in front of me too close for me to react.

Plow into an enemy at Max speed = Enemy survives and hijacks you

Lightly bump a teammate at 1 MPH = “Betrayal!”

Look both ways before you cross.

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> Look both ways before you cross.

This. Also, look both ways before you drive. Vehicles need to look out for pedestrians as well!

I don’t think the being killed thing is as bad for me. It’s only happened a few times. I more so agree with the being careful around your teammates and getting killed or jacked because you couldn’t maneuver properly for fear of slaughtering your team. A reduction in team splattering would be worth it in that sense.

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> > 2533274875982754;8:
> > Look both ways before you cross.
> This. Also, look both ways before you drive. Vehicles need to look out for pedestrians as well!

They have the right of way

Just make it so you can’t harm teammates with splatters. It’s to a point that if I wanted to I can take out my own teams mantis. So what if one team uses it to push their friends, it’s a good idea and I don’t blame them for doing it. I’d rather that than risk a rare req being stolen or risk getting banned because some teammates feel the need to jump in front of my ghost.

It only pisses me off if a teammate isnt paying attention or purposely does it to take my powerweapon

Splatter mechanics are bad in this game