Team Snipers

Ok, so team snipers is the weekend playlist which wasn’t a surprise given what it was up against. I love team snipers. I always play it when it was a dedicated playlist, but to me the maps in the rotation are way too small for this game type. It feels as though it usually comes down to a close quarters snapshot/beatdown duel. This is not what team snipers should be. What we need is to have the big team battle maps in this playlist so that sniping can be used. sneaking around cover, peering out looking for targets, thats what i loved about team snipers. But granted that we cannot have a traditional team snipers with the new spartan abilities, larger maps would be appreciated!

I agree. There are points in the maps that are good, but overall there’s too much clutter for true snipers

Right there with you BTB snipers in Reach was the best

Not to mention the constant spawn deaths.

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> Right there with you BTB snipers in Reach was the best

Snipers on the Blood Gulch remake were so fun. 343 plz

Yeah I hated the small maps for sniping. The BTB maps with maybe a few tweaks would have been much better.