Team Snipers Thoughts.

Hey guys, just got through playing 3 games of team snipers. I’m going to cover what I think are the pros and cons to the new version of the famous and iconic playlist, and how, in my opinion, it could be improved. My overall thoughts on the game-type lead me to say that I’m pretty disappointed, and that much improvement is needed. There are a few reasons for this, but before some of you jump the gun and say that I just suck or should learn to “adapt”, here are my first 3 game stats. I’d say they’re pretty average. Have a look.

Game 1(Meltdown): 23 Kills, 11 Deaths, 2 Assists, 14 Headshots

Game 2(Vortex): 21 Kills, 7 Deaths, 2 Assists, 9 Headshots

Game 3(Valhalla): 17 Kills, 12 Deaths, 2 Assists, 14 Headshots

Now onto the nitty gritty stuff. I’ve put together a pros and cons list with a little description under each item.

Pros There’s not too many, but hopefully that will change.

Sprint: I enjoy having sprint in most game-types, and that doesn’t change for Team Snipers. With such large maps and huge distanced to cross, sprint allows for quick movement across the battlefield. It also makes getting past short little areas of cover easier when taking fire.


Claustrophobic: When it loaded up my first game, I immediately noticed how much screen the sniper rifle actually took up. It was very annoying and I felt like I was having to move the gun itself certain ways just to see what was in front of me.

Aim Assist: I am not a fan of this addition. It makes the game less skillful, which for me makes it less fun. It helps too much and sometimes can even mess you up. I can remember it trying to lock on to one player crossing another I was already aiming at. This has got to go.

Hit Box: This is also very displeasing to me. Can you get an easier target to shoot? I mean really, if you don’t get a hit from aim assist, you surely will from the hit box. It is huge! You can aim anywhere around the head and get a headshot! There were numerous accounts in those 3 games where I watched the kill cam and without a doubt many of the times I died the shots weren’t even close to headshots. Where is the fun in that now? Revert to Halo 3 style for sure.

Instant Re-spawn: This makes it oh so easy to get overwhelmed when making an attack on an enemy base, or even when you have a decent position and they just keep spawning and running around the corner. Having sprint speeds up the game, this speeds it up too fast.

De-Scoping: I can honestly say I have no idea why they took this out. It was the perfect system. There was skill involved, and it didn’t just mean that whoever shot first basically won the battle. You had to earn your kill with the de-scope. Halo 4 sniping is pretty much a 2 hit body shot kill game now.

No “X” on dead Tmate: Please tell me why they took this out? It was completely beneficial to the game. Please put it back.

Sniper Sound: I really do think this is the worst sounding weapon in the game. I sounds a lot like someone is hammering two pieces of metal. They probably can’t fix this as they will probably not shoot for sounds again, but maybe they could mess with what they have and make it sound less weak and more buffy/sleek.

Insta Aim off sprint: I can remember countless times in all of the game modes I’ve played where I couldn’t get my shot off because the cross hair popped up late when coming off of sprint. This really needs to be fixed.

Double beat down: Grr at this. It is cheating! Not sniping! lol. In all seriousness though, this is very annoying. Maybe nerf melee for snipes?

All in all, this game types can see much improvement. I don’t want to see one of my favorite game modes get destroyed for casual players. It can still be fun for everyone even if there is a little skill involved. Maybe, just maybe, 343 will listen to us and make some changes.

The killcam is inaccurate in every playlist. The thing is absolute garbage and the only thing it can do for you is show you where the player was that killed you. Don’t get pissed when the kill cam shows not a single shot land; we all see the same thing.

I didn’t realize it was flawed. The point is that the hit box is too big for this gametype to be fun for many.


Snipers has and always will be my fav playlist but seriously




Head shots are way too easy, Most of the time I get them and idk how :confused: I love it when they sprint I mean i don’t mind the extra points :)The knock up while you are scoped in is a good idea too even though I hate it when happens to me. The assist aim thing is good too I don’t mind it. But anyhow snipers is great and made it kinda easy so that everyone can get into it even tho they are not skilled in that area yet.

i can’t put my finger on it, but it just doesn’t feel like the halo reach 1 @ all. it sucks

Why is Team Snipers as popular as it is? Seriously, its boring when there’s one single loadout with one weapon that everyone has. I mean, I can’t explain it. I just don’t get how this is “fun”.