Team Snipers--Shutout

Shutout is probably my favorite asymmetrical map in the game right now, and up until recently, it was especially my favorite Team Snipers map. While I didn’t really enjoy the beam rifle spawning on the map, I could deal with it. Now, though, there are plenty of beam rifles and binary rifles that spawn all over. Truth be told, I hate it. I absolutely abhor the change. Team snipers has been a decently competitive playlist, but this just feels like Action Sack.

Why does 343 feel the need to mess with things that aren’t broken, or fix things the wrong way? I don’t mean to just sit here and whine a ton, but this was my favorite gametype that has now been basically ruined.

Which way do you prefer it? The old way or the new way?

I think in one of 343i’s bulletin they said they’re gonna nerf the beam rifle in the weapon tuning update, so hopefully when that happens that won’t be an issue anymore.