Team Snipers Map Rotation

Team Snipers need a huge map rotation update!!! seriously plays 3 maps over and over and over and over!!!

How could bungie or 343 studios not see this??? FAIL

why did i buy map packs 6 months ago and I have never ever seen it once in any playlist!!!WTF FAIL


seriously get your head out your -Yoink- and fix the easy fixes!!! god -Yoink!-…doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out a good 15 map rotation is needed in every playlist…



SWAT has the same problem. I like it but it gets so boring playing the same maps over and over again. This two playlists are in dire need of new maps.

^^Fail :slight_smile:

But seriously state your problem in a different way if you want to get noticed and not locked.

obviously you heard me…

> ^^Fail :slight_smile:
> But seriously state your problem in a different way if you want to get noticed and not locked.

Im just saying if you say Please Have more map rotation in team snipers because… then it will be better excepted than ATOM AND CAGE FAIL!!! and FAIL! and FAIL! etc.


Meme created.

Atom is terribad, cage is terribad for snipers.
More maps like reflection. Hemorrhage is the good size but terrible unbalanced.

I would like to see Highlands in snipers. Also maybe tempest and breakpoint

Its a shame 90 percent of players don’t have the DLC.

Snipers needs huge maps with an abundance of cover. These maps should have one extremely powerful position that affords a view of most of the map, but that can also be seen from most of the map. The result will be that people not in this position are forced to move carefully to avoid being picked off, but people in this position can’t fire too recklessly or they’ll be guerrilla-sniped by the people hidden all over the map.

Spire does this, and BTB Snipers on it is one of the most fun map/game combinations I’ve ever seen. I’m sure that 4v4 Snipers on it would be excellent. (Making Snipers the second of the only two gametypes Spire has ever been good for, the first being RR.)

Two great examples of what not to do, on the other hand, are Reflection and Hemorrhage. Reflection is way too small; stealth goes out the window and everyone barrels through cramped hallways like monkeys on drugs, frantically “sniping” each other from distances as incredible as ten whole feet(!). Hemorrhage, on the other hand, is too open; the few safe paths that there are are extremely predictable, the selection of perches is limited, and movement around the map is stagnant if even present.