Hi guys, during the last weeks i have been struggling in team snipers. The problem is that i can’t rank up because the game keep matching me against too much higher people.
I am currently platinum 1 and every time i keep finding in the enemy team diamond, onyx and even champion players, whereas in my team there are golds and platinums, so i lose every match.
It is really frustrating because i don’t play too bad (most of the time i am positive with K/D) even against these people, instead my teammates are often bad. I don’t want to say that they are the problem, because it is normal that a gold can’t do much against a diamond/onyx. I shouldn’t play against them right now.
I tried to play with a team of people ranked like me and i never search in expanded but it always the same thing.
How can i rank up? If you have some advices i would be happy to listen to you.

PS sorry if my english is not perfect.

This is why Snipers should’ve been in at launch… much higher population counts and a greater range of skill and healthy skill distribution.

Its incorporation was too little, too late, but at least it’s finally here.

Now if only it played better, yes, due to the low population numbers/skewed skill/matching and ridiculous amounts of aim-assist and bullet-mag… but that’s another issue. It can still be fun…

As a general rule of thumb, think of Snipers as an extreme version of SWAT. Therefore, all rules and tricks from SWAT will apply in Snipers.

I would suggest using the beam rifle if possible. Supposedly it’s the same as a human sniper (as far as handling goes) but your follow up shot is much faster in case you miss their head or want to go for 2 body shots instead. It allows you to play more aggressively. Now, I suck with the sniper compared to the beam rifle and it feels like there is a difference in handling but I don’t believe there really is.

Try watching what your teammates are doing. In normal games I try to use the sniper to cover the point players who are advancing. They’re going to get attacked first and more often. They’re essentially baiting out the enemies. If you shoot an attacker, your teammate is almost certainly going to win if your shot doesn’t net the kill. And what’s an assist to either of you? The team advances a bit and you prevent the other team from doing the same. This is true somewhat for snipers as well. Crossfires are important but it helps if you shoot your teammate’s attackers/targets and in order to do that, you need to keep in mind where the enemy team is and who’s closest to them.

Finally, you might want to try a different sensitivity. It makes all the difference for me if I can snipe on 1-2 so I like to turn it way down if I net a rifle.