Team Snipers concerns.

I have one concern. Instant respawn. It didn’t do SWAT any favours, and I’m guessing it won’t do Snipers any either. Snipers should have at the very least a 3 second respawn timer, to give players a bit of breathing space and time to reload before they’re attacked by enemies again.

Team Snipers is going to be human snipers only.

> Team Snipers is going to be human snipers only.

Ah, that’s concern two ruled out then.

Although not even the Beam Rifle? That’s odd, I always thought the Beam Rifle was balanced enough to be in Snipers, tbh.

I imagine they probably want a bit of uniformity to it all. Kind of like why there’s no Lightrifle or Carbine in SWAT

The main reason the Beam Rifle wouldnt be in Team Snipers is because theres no reload. If your good with the rifle you know how to pace your shots so it odesnt over heat. SO with no reload or over heat the rifle could be over the top. I like the idea that its only the sniper and thats it. Cant wait to play this