Team Snipers Being replaced: FFA Throwup

They can’t even get Team Snipers done right ( Sniper Primary + Shotty Secondary is the normal setup) and now it’s just going to get replaced By FFA throwup…er Throwback.

I played FFA throwback ( the playlist they are adding ) and it kinda sucks. I don’t mind Odball and KOTH for FFA but NOT JUST THEM EXCLUSIVELY.

Halo Fans were most happy when FFA ( AKA LoneWolf, AKA Rumble Pit ) where at least 60%-70% Slayer FFA and maybe 30% Objective FFA like Juggernaut, Oddball and Koth.

No one wants to play Just Regicide, Koth or Oddball in FFA. They are’t bad in and of themselves but the fan popular is not even in the mix.

This stuff with the butchered playlists and gametypes is gettin ridiculous.

I don’t propose to speak for all fan about this but people were generally VERY happy with the way Lone Wolf/Rumble Pit was set up.

Team Snipers never had Shotgun as secondary, that was Shotty Snipers. And I’m glad they didn’t hand out any secondaries, because most of people used shotgun/magnum because they couldn’t use the sniper, that’s when you shouldn’t enter the playlist at all.

I think all these “Special” playlists, should just be for Double Xp weekends.