Team slayer/swat

Hi guys, in a bit of a dilemma here…

enjoying the the game so far. Campaigns been decent. Played more of the multiplayer than I have in the previous games. Having one slight issue though…

I love playing TDM style modes (slayer and swat) and can usually hold my own in them. I had a separate account where I previously did pretty well at halo. However at this game I feel like I’m not improving whatsoever. I did managed to reach gold 1, however most of that was from almost costing my team the win with my k.d being catastrophically negativeand being carried 24/7. I am literally at the point of going 2-14, 6-16 every game and it’s getting to the point where I feel like I don’t want to play anymore as I’m just costing the team the loss almost everytime and I haven’t improved or adapted at all since starting. When I look at my friends list it looks like I’m the only one struggling.

i’d play warzone, but I feel like when I get into it fully the hype will have died down on it.

basically, has anyone else ever been cripplingly bad at an FPS and what did you do bar practice? Is there a certain threshold where people feel they should just give up and not even bother? It’s not fun being the common denominator.

p.s this isn’t a gripe at the game, more just my own personal skill. Cheers everyone :slight_smile: