Team Slayer remove BR start

People were begging for BR starts outside of Ranked for months after launch. There’s no problem with them existing, and they aren’t intrinsically anti-social.

That said, I do agree that the AR/BR start ratio in the Team Slayer has skewed very heavily towards BRs for me since they were added, and I think many players would appreciate a bit more variety. Making it more like 50/50 would be a good thing IMO.

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I wonder how hard it is to do that and how it would impact matchmaking.

It would have to evaluate the weapon that each player had last round on top of everything else.

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That’s a good point. I’m not sure what would go into it that would result in the end player feeling like they’re about equally likely to match into an AR or BR starts match…

I think they have set ratios for how often certain gametypes show up in playlists like Quick Play- implementing a similar 1:1 ratio for AR/BR starts in Team Slayer ought to at least result in seeing fewer BR starts in a row (anecdotally, I’ve seen 4-5 in a row before on the extreme end and very often see 2-3 in a row between AR starts).

To your point, though, making that the raw ratio wouldn’t stop some players from encountering mostly one type of start. Maybe it already is 50/50 and those of us seeing more BR starts are outliers.

Infinite has more AR starts than any other Halo. Keep BR starts in social, add more BR start playlists, and most importantly, add an AR secondary to the Battle Rifle with a Match Composer please 343i, so people can play how they want.


Halo 1 had AR for every map.

And how many people used the AR over the Magnum?

Wait BR starts was added to team slayer? Is there a mix of pistol starts or it’s all BR starts? When did this happen?

That’s only a fraction of what Halo is about, but unfortunately there’s more to Halo then just that. Saying that Halo is just about that is what you specifically want it to be, but that’s a lie. Even the original Halo started you off with Pistol, which vastly outclassed every other weapon in the game just about.

I admit I used it sparingly. But the Pistol was way better then the AR in like 90% of the situations I got into…

Best way for 343 to solve this is have an “event” where you have normal AR slayer playlist & a BR slayer playlist, see how much of the player base prefers crutches, I mean BR over AR. Or better yet just split them up without an “event” people will play where they wanna play then. One can argue splitting the player base - the only way all parties will be happy is by splitting it.

Otherwise you have your preferred game ruined by people doing nothing, quitting, etc. which in turn may lead yourself to quitting games out of frustration

BR shouldn’t be in ranked either. In fact, no BR starts period. But honestly I stopped playing this game because it’s made me consider that 4 and Guardians are no longer the worst games in the series.

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The people that asked for BR starts in Team Slayer mostly followed it up with: “so I can warm up before playing ranked”. The situation right now is not serving that demographic because they a) can’t decide to play with BRs as it will give them ARs as well and b) it’s terrible because BR melee damage does not align between Ranked and Non-Ranked (which is stupid as well).

In the end the only viable solution is to separate it into separate playlists (which they won’t as neither will likely be able to sustain the required population).

Aside from that: if nothing else - drop Behemoth and Launch Site from the BR starts in Team Slayer. They are most likely what’s responsible for people complaining about the whole spawn killing issue with BR starts. That should at least make it a bit more palatable.

Why do BR Starts have to be in my social gameplay experience when it should only be in Rank Matchmaking. Easy to understand for everyone if you want BR Starts play Rank Matchmaking if you want something else play Social Matchmaking.

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I believe that over time Halo Infinite, if engine build allows it, will move to a more dynamic setting similar to Halo MCC with the options to create specific social game searches. A challenge with this must be how delicate the game is with the coding of it and how challenging the game has been since release.

What if you don’t want to play ranked but like the BR?

It’s easy to simplify things but not very helpful

Yeah no thats not happening the spray and pray gamemodes are terrible and have no skill in it, there’s no fun its just nade spam then spray. BR starts is a lot of fun and is the ideal way to play.

Now 343 needs to make BTB BR starts too, AR starts btb is terrible if you don’t have a mid-long range precision weapon you’re just going to be shot from mid-range with nothing to defend yourself because players are stuck with 2 close range weapons (the AR and sidekick). There’s only 1 or 2 BR racks which isn’t enough and 100% of the time I have to sit at a rack waiting for the BR to respawn bc I’m not going to run in the open with 2 close range weapons on large scale maps.

When getting into an AR fight with another its just RNG based bc of bloom back in Halo 3 it depended on aim. Now it depends a little on aim and entirely on RNG

And the false claim all of u AR start lovers say about BR start is false “Oh If ItS bR sTaRtS nO oNe Is PiCkInG uP wEaPoNs.”

That’s 100% not true, hasn’t been true once since the BR came to Halo back in 2004 with Halo 2 and now still isn’t true people still pick up weapons in BR start in Ranked and Team slayer in infinite. Its also not true in Halo Reach too and that doesn’t have a BR it has a DMR a single shot mid- long range precision weapon and people still picked up weapons ESPECIALLY THE PLASMA PISTOL A TIER 1 WEAPON. So I don’t understand where this lie comes from of BR start not making people pickup weapons.


if the BR plague spreads to other playlists other than slayer Im gonna stop playing the game


BR starts is actually the better way to play Halo just bc ur bad with the BR doesn’t mean it needs to never be a thing again.


I’d rather face a spawn kill with a BR in my hands instead of an AR, at least then I can fight back instead of being entirely helpless at range. That’s the exact reason why BR starts had been the standard spawn since Halo 2. If you don’t spawn with a BR, you waste time picking one up, and if your enemy has one and you spawn without one, you’re SOL


Team Slayer remove AR start

Seriously this will be a war for all time. A separate playlist would be fine but I’m fine with either IN INFINITE (In other Halo games the AR is the weakest Gun ever)

Well to answer your question just find it on the map. Just like if I want to use the Energy Sword or Heatwave I would have to go find it on the map. I don’t know about you but I feel like most people just don’t want to admit the fact that the only reason why they want BR Starts is because how OP the weapon is compared to the rest. If the other weapons killed faster or BR wasn’t so OP and useful this argument wouldn’t even be a thing. :unamused: :roll_eyes: :expressionless: