Team Slayer remove BR start

BR starts should not be a thing in a social playlist. If so, there should be an option to remove them similar to MCC. Getting spawn camped across the map isn’t fun.


Unfortunately, a good chunk of people seem to like BR starts so its probably here to stay in the current playlist system.

It would definitely be nice to have a more thorough Match Composer like in MCC for the option though.


BR starts and every precision weapon start has been popular in social scenarios for over 20 years and AR stans still have their heads in the sand.

Bonus points for complaining about “camping” if the starting weapon has a range longer than about 10 feet while ignoring the fact that ranged weapons still exist in large numbers so the only thing you’ve accomplished by removing precision starts is removing the ability for fresh spawns to fight back against “campers” and added a pointless middle man of running to a weapon with actual range once you spawn.

In AR land any time you get shot at any sort of distance its by a “camper.”


I know its popular but i also know a large portion of people would prefer to opt out.


People need to stop forcing that BR starts are a competitive thing. This is not true in the slighest and has been a social thing since Halo 2. Just because they are popular in competitive means absolutely nothing lol.

I’m not against separating them though, but drop the “BR Starts have no place in social” nonsense.


I wouldn’t mind it if I didnt get it almost every game. I would say every 10 matches I play 8 of them are BR slayer.

“Team slayer remove BR starts”

Yeah no, keep them.


Its fine to keep them just even it out or allow option to opt out.

I love BR starts but I just got them four times in a row so I can see why people are upset. Look what they did to SWAT.

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Have to disagree with you here. BR starts are my preferred starts.


“BR starts should not be a thing in a social playlists”

“I know its popular” So it obviously does have a place in social and you are willfully misrepresenting the popularity of BR starts and how they play out.

And now we’ve abandoned any notion that there is anything concrete to support the anti-BR start position and now we are moved on to appealing to some vague “large” amount of people who definitely exist.

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BR starts are based, and red pilled.

Skill issue!

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Keep Br starts, the AR is too OP to be a primary weapon

Assault rifle should be the starting weapon. HALO is all about throwing a grenade or two, assault rifle, and then melee. BR makes the game ordinary and boring. With crossplay/mice, BR makes the game awful.


I am very much pro-BR but admit I’m surprised how often I get BR starts in Team Slayer so I see your point there. Generally use it for warming up for Ranked so works for me.

Can’t agree on OPs camping point. If you don’t start with a precision weapon you have a much, much lower chance of dealing with a spawn camper who’s picked one up.


Like I said before in another BR Post

Mmm :smirk: if I get BR Starts in Social Matchmaking I’m just gonna stand around or get myself killed. I’m not supporting that garbage gameplay experience where players don’t grab other weapons on map besides other human weapons. If I wanted to play Human Warfare I will go play COD and play that Hardcore Gameplay Experience.

Now I wouldn’t mind seeing more BR Playlist with No Motion Sensor in Rank Matchmaking like

8 Player - Rumble Pit Playlist
4v4 - HCS Playlist
4v4 - Team Slayer Playlist
4v4 - Team Objective Playlist
8v8 - BTB Playlist

Halo players only like the BR Starts because how OP and useful it is compared to all the weapons in the sandbox. People are drawn to things that are powerful not the weak. If the other weapons didn’t take so long to get a kill with them then this hole BR argument wouldn’t even be a thing.

Guys, you have to keep in mind that the Halo Infinite maps are bigger. Playing with short range weapons would be bad.

The ideal imho, would be to have a dedicated Arena Slayer playlist with BR start (as it always has been), and a social section with mode selector as on TMCC, or BR as primary and AR as secondary.


So play QuickPlay then if you don’t want BR Starts

Swat is fine honestly, still a classic.

Team slayer is also fine.