Team Slayer opinion (to 343)

Okay. I respect what you guys are doing in trying to change everything that was wrong with Halo.

I’ve been playing since the first game so I hope my opinion is considered valuable and helpful. :slight_smile:

Regarding Team Slayer, here is my standing: Please don’t revert it. The reason there was still a Reach population when you took over was because people LIKED vanilla Reach. Don’t touch Team Slayer.

You shouldn’t have actually forced the TU changed on so many playlists. It’s way better to let us vote for what we want.

One final thought. Please remove team-killing from all appropriate and possible playlists. People are just complete -Yoinks!- and betray on purpose.

This allows regular to be wrongfully mistreated without control by idiots in there to ruin everyone’s fun. I hope you good folks over at 343 Industries decide to give this a read.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

  1. The decision is final, Play Team Slayer in the two week period starting Jan 7th and then choose for Vanilla.
  2. Friendly Fire will never be disabled it all playlists, simply because how exploitable it is, if you don’t want people betraying you purposely, play with friends.

I would really like to see both variants offered as voting options in most playlists. That way I could simply be rewarded for partying and bringing in players with my ideal ruleset. Admittedly, its frustrating to switch between them, but not nearly as frustrating as losing your game entirely.