Team Slayer Maps

I find it very unfortunate the choice to include maps such as Launch Site and Behemoth in this playlist. The latter is also present in the Arena, and I don’t like it.

BTB already exists for larger and more open spaces. Please, take inspiration from the old maps: Midship, Zealot, Heaven, Countdown, or some famous asymmetrical ones like Lockout, Ivory Tower, suitably adapted of course…

Dont get why they didnt throw in some classic maps in this game.


They said they wouldn’t fit the gameplay well. But, they could make new classics-inspired ones, kind of like Truth in Halo 5. Honestly, I find structures like Bazaar really poor compared to the layouts we were used to. I mean playability, not aesthetics.

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I think Bazaar plays so different to most maps in ranked and I’m kinda a fan of that. It’s not always the most exciting game, but it makes for some intense standoff games and some crazy comeback ones. I’ve been having a bunch of fun although when you end up getting stuck in a rut the games are frustrating than everything else.

Behemoth sucks. It’s a cool looking map, it will be fun for Team Snipers but it absolutely blows as a ranked map. Due to the size, spawn manipulation is terribly difficult compared to other maps.

but some particular map can also be there. What we miss so much is the forge. Many maps from the community would also arrive in matchmaking. I also hope in the Arena, 343 has to open up to this.

Agreed. Launch Site, in particular, is an extremely large map for 4v4 game modes and the vehicle spawns disrupt the flow of any match tremendously. Personally, I would have preferred a remake of Countdown over this newer, larger, map.

If a Saber launch station was the initial idea for the theme of the map, a remake of Countdown would have more than fulfilled that purpose…

Zealot and Assembly were, by far, my favorite maps in Halo: Reach and Halo 3, respectively, for SWAT and Team Slayer and I was a little disheartened to see that neither of them made a return in Halo Infinite. I understand that the Covenant are no longer a viable threat, but I would have loved to see just how a remake of those two maps would look with the Banished aesthetic in place of the classic purples, yellows, and blues.

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I’ve played maybe half the mainline Halo games, so would it be blasphemous :sweat_smile: to suggest six or eight player matches? Or is 4 players the tradition? Some of the larger maps are a literal slog when you spawn miles away with not a vehicle in sight…

Tradition wants 4vs4 in medium/small maps for slayer / arena.

There is Big Team Battle for biggest groups.