Team slayer kills challenge won't count kills if i play the match through quick play queue

I don’t know if this has also happened to you, but i recently had two instances in which i had an active challenge about getting 20 kills in team slayers matches in pvp and also had challenges related to other game modes only playable through quick play queue, like CTF, so i simply queued for quick play since then i could end up in either a CTF or a slayer match. I played the team slayer matches, got the kills but the kills didn’t count for the challenge after finishing the match. They would only count for the challenge if i get into the match through the dedicated team slayer matchmaking queue.

This issue is specially frustrating in my second case in which this happened, in which i simultaneously had a challenge that required me to play matches through quick play (get cumulative score in quick play matches in pvp), because I artificially couldn’t progress both challenges simultaneously by playing team slayer through quick play, which translated into unnecessary grinding

Yeah cuz you’re not playing team slayer. You’re playing slayer in quick play. Not the same playlist/game type.


I’m having issues with the FFA challenges activating, but I don’t seem to have the same issue you and @Jablome117 are having with the Team Slayer challenges.

It might be a situation where the individual player has different interactions with what challenges activate and what doesn’t. Either way, it’s a pretty glaring issue.

They need to remove Slayer from Quick Play.

I actually like playing objective based modes; CTF, Strongholds, etc. - There is no other way to get into one of these matches other then by going to Quick Play.

But as already stated, Slayer has it’s own dedicated playlist. Why mix it in with the objective based matches? Can 343 just make play lists for CTF and the other objective modes?

It’s very annoying to need to quit out to the main menu when i select Quick Play and get a Slayer match…

Thanks :wink: