Team Slayer is the only playlist that works

Team slayer is the only playlist that works for me. In all others (swat, big team, halo 2 etc) I sit in the lobby waiting to connect with other people. I’ve waited for a while and never connects. Is anyone else having this issue??


Yup. It’s the only playlist out of the ones that I play that is working. Not enough players for the others at the moment. Think H2A might work but I can’t play them maps due to bad upload speed.

Not enough players? That can’t be right! Would’ve thought they’d be thousands…

Probably thousands worldwide but that doesn’t mean there is in your region. I am only getting games with players in my region in the playlists I play.

Halo 3 seems to work the best for me right about now. Good thing I like H3 :)~

I play rumble mainly, and it always works for me.

BTB has been working for me every day for a couple weeks with 1-2 minute search times consistently, but today it won’t work. Just “Searching for more players…”.

It has seriously been 2 months since this game came out, and it still has countless issues.

What ever happened to the “weekly updates”? Haven’t gotten an update in a couple weeks. Pretty sure 343i is about ready to just give up on it.

swat,btb,slayer,h2c,haloce, all work perfect for me lol don’t play other playlists