Team Slayer Gives Me Hope

I’m excited to hear about the new “team slayer” game type that was announced in the most recent Halo Bulletin. In case you haven’t read about it, the game type looks like it will be infinity slayer with static ordinance instead of personal and random ordinance.

This removes the most contentious part of Infinity Slayer’s settings, and if you choose to read into the name of “team slayer,” it looks like this might be the vision that 343 currently has for the Halo 5 multiplayer. Now I’m not saying that this is the multiplayer I would like to see, but it does demonstrate that 343 is actively examining the design decision made in Halo 4 and possibly rethinking unpopular aspects.

When you look at the settings being experimented with in Legendary slayer and team slayer, I think the common theme you get is that the Halo 4 mechanics sacrificed too much of the original formula.

The multiplayer I am currently expecting for Halo 5 is armor abilities, loadouts (toned down to prevent boltshot and plasma grenade type problems), sprint, and on map weapon spawns. I still find sprint and armor abilities problematic, but I can live with the other changes. I do believe that the settings I just listed would be enough to get me to purchase an Xbox One.

Here’s hoping the team continues to test ideas and gather information, because every one of these play lists with alternative settings gives them another opportunity to examine what works and what doesn’t. That should only help the quality of the final product.

Hopefully there will be Legendary and Infinity in Halo 5 in the same manner Halo 3 had ranked and social, and yeah I agree with you I have a lot more hop for Halo 5 with all the new things 343 brings to Halo 4.

> Hopefully there will be Legendary and Infinity in Halo 5 in the same manner Halo 3 had ranked and social, and yeah I agree with you I have a lot more hop for Halo 5 with all the new things 343 brings to Halo 4.

Ranked and social were more compatible than legendary and infinity in that ranked and social were more or less the exact same game.

On a side not I hope they disable instant respawn as well. That, personal ordinance and random ordinance are my main gripes with infinity setting.

This does give me a little hope. It shows they are listening at least. If this is any sign of what direction ‘new Halo’ is going in I’m pumped.

Yes, they need to abandon instant respawn completely. Surely they can see it just causes unorganised chaos, and removes that window where death means to have a moment of helplessness while your team mates have to deal with the enemy, one man down. With IR we just get endless streams of enemies pouring into one spot, and it’s just a mess.

In any case, it’s clear to see that 343 are constantly experimenting and refining the game. I enjoy Halo 4, but 343 seems to be finding a balance between what Halo is now, and what it once was. I’m interested to see how Halo One turns out.

I can agree with this sentiment to a point, but am a little less hopeful. I think, for example, armor mods are something that will never work in halo. Personally if the social slayer gametype of H5 has more balanced and less game changing armor abilities and allows you to custom pick your primary (maybe secondary but PP isn’t good for big team and I hate the Boltshot with a passion), I won’t have too much of a problem with it. But I think AA would work better as a pick up and I hate sprint with a passion at least as a default ability.

If they really want to show people that they are working towards a better halo of H5, I’d prefer something like this for H4 team slayer (quoted from the bulletin comments):

> I applaud your effort to finally try to work towards a middle ground, and assess the weak points of infinity slayer. Personal and random ordanance are definatley the most detrimental parts of infinity. I think if an effort is truely being made to find a middle ground between infinity and classic halo, it would be best to also assess factors such as armor mods, armor abilities, and custom grenades and secondaries. Here is a suggestion for 4v4 (not big team):
> Three loadouts:
> - DMR / AR / 2xFrag / Thruster Pack / Resupply / Explosives
> - LR / Suppressor / 1xPulse / Hardlight Shield / Resupply / Explosives
> - Carbine / SR / 2xPlasma / Hologram / Resupply / Explosives
> Since you’ve already thought it fair to remove PODs I’m not going to argue with you, but if further refining loadouts will require some compromise PODs could be introduced with one or a combination of the following without having too severe effect on the gameplay: any armor ability, any primary or secondary weapon, any grenade type. My personal preference for PODs would be that they remain as predictable as possible always featuring the exact same 3 choices for every player; some suggestions: one of each grenade type or one of each secondary type.
> weapon spawns around the map should reflect v4 throwdown, where major weapons are indicated like infinity, but they are placed with other lesser weapons around the map, and everything is placed in a way that tries to encourage competition and map movement.
> Pros from an Infinity fans standpoint:
> -we still have loadouts
> -loadouts include significantly more variety than pro (not just different primaries)
> -I can use virtually any primary weapon under this system besides the BR
> -armor abilities remain part of the game
> -I can potentially still be rewarded with ordnance without it breaking fundemental Halo laws
> Pros from a classic fans standpoint:
> -armor mods, which are completely unpredictable, no longer affect gameplay
> -though armor abilities are still a factor those considered “OP” are not available off spawn
> -identifying loadout weapons correlates to armor abilities improving predictability
> -a 1sk weapon is not available off spawn
> -weapon spawns are not just existent, but competitive
> Preset loadouts are actually a pro for both groups as infinity players are not thrown off by having custom loadouts but then realizing that something like an armor ability or mod has been replaced, and although starts are not completely equal at least they are very predictable for classic fans as there are only three options.
> Please consider further refining this new team slayer playlist and gametype. Thank you.

This would give me legitamate hope, as well as if they nerfed PODs in the infinity slayer gametype to make them less powerful and more predictable. The fact that infinity still exists in nearly it’s launch state makes me apprehensive.

> The fact that infinity still exists in nearly it’s launch state makes me apprehensive.

I made a post in another thread (i forget which) where I discussed the “intertia” of the game once it releases. Its exponentially easier and more rewarding to make significant changes between titles than it is mid life span (see the Reach TU which improved the game but split the community).

Don’t wanna type out a wall of text again, but I figure you get what I’m trying to say. Wish they had changed infinity, but the fact that they didn’t doesn’t make me think they can’t or won’t.