Team Slayer Demotions

In recent weeks of playing Team Slayer, I have received several demotions within the space of a short time. These demotions have been outside the specific offenses listed by 343 Industries in the most recent April update.

The ranking section of such update was posted on Halo Waypoint and states:-

'In ranked playlists, quitting a match is now treated the same as a loss. Quitting is defined as exiting the game in any fashion. If you quit a match, your ranking will be impacted, and this may result in dropping a level.
All quits and betrayals are being tracked automatically, and action is being taken against offending players who commit these offenses more than what is considered normal behavior’

Since the addition of this update I have not quit a single match of Team Slayer nor have I been kicked for being idle. Neither have I committed a sufficient amount of betrayals on my fellow team-mates.

I have been demoted from Level 13 to Level 12 three times in succession of leveling up to rank 13 from rank 12, and only today have I been demoted further from rank 13 down to 12 and further so to 11.

I have checked my betrayal stats and I have only committed a total of 8 betrayals across all titles. I remember checking just before playing a match of Team Slayer and after completing the match and being demoted yet again, I checked my betrayal stats and they remained the same.

I consider myself a patient person, but I am losing my patience and will with this certain issue

This is the only persistent and major issue that I have experienced while playing Halo MCC

Please help me out