Team Skrimish :D

I’m so happy this playlist is going to exist. THANK YOU 343. We have been asking for a soical playlist like this for so long, and now we have it. Really good on you 343, you have earned a lot more love from one fan.

I’ll be looking forward to it. It’s good to get away from the stress of competitive matches and just enjoy some casual Halo.

I’m also very excited for this playlist :slight_smile:

I like it, but 343 needs to add maps that support vehicles to Team Skirmish.

Why are there no vehicles featured anywhere in 4v4 matchmaking? I miss controlling a game of Team Slayer with a Hog, or making awesome flag runs with a buddy on a Goose. I know we have vehicles galore in BTB, but I miss how they impact a game with smaller team sizes. After this awesome update, I feel like this is the only major thing H5 is missing. It would also be an opportunity to incorporate some great community forge maps.