Team Regicide is...

Actually really enjoyable to me. I was very skeptical on how this game type would be since I dislike the FFA Regicide. Before I judged it without even playing it I gave this game type a chance and now I love it. The strategy to this game type is extremely team based and that’s what Halo is all about.

On these forums there is much criticism, I included have criticized on some issues with this game, but credit is due when something like Team Regicide is extremely enjoyable, and 343i should be commended on creating a great game type.

Now I hope that this replaces the FFA Regicide playlist because it would be a shame to see this playlist be a rotational one. This might be my second favorite playlist if it stays as a permanent playlist. (Waiting patiently for my MLG playlist)

Team Regicide is fun to me, due to the strategy that should be used to win in this game type. If you are King, it can make you play conservative, but on the other hand, you can be offensive as King, draw out the opponents and let you teammate pick them off. Having two equal teams make this game type very competitive and intense which is what I’ve been missing from Halo 4.

Thank you 343i for going out on a limb and trying something different.