Team Regicide Is Busted

Anyone else having a problem with the Regicide just running around with a Boltshot and using the secondary shot? The Boltshot is overpowered as it is, but giving the Regicide an over-shield and a damage boost just makes the Regicide to OP. What do you think?


I haven’t played the new playlist but it sounds like a small team who are the kings, cool sounds awesome. But giving them the power boost like in normal regicide is yes, a bit too OP. If you are talking about normal regicide, this is how I have always done well.

Apparently there are a lot of noobs playing FFA so what ends up happening is that they come 1 by 1. Say it is solace, one of my good games.

If I am in a good game, everyone will run to the king so what I sometimes get the treat to do is just simply camp. On the foresty side, I hid in the far back by the waterfall cliff. Everyone was coming from the right and coming one by one. No one simply went the other way and boxed me in. This is where the boltshot excels. 1 by 1. The way a camping king dies is if people are attacking him from everywhere but that didn’t happen in that game. I eventually got killed but by then it was like 220 to 120 so I won easily.

I believe the reason everyone is griping about the boltshot is simply because they can’t use it and/or don’t know how to combat it. Usually my kills are from people just walking right at me, just running at me. The way you combat it is to jump and hopefully get right in his face. This makes really hard to be killed because of the low charge/fire time. Yes it can rip shields away at about the max effective range of the shotgun, I really can’t help you there as I just wip out the DMR and headshot.

I was behind nerfing it but I have changed my mind (I was doing good with it beforehand). It is just one of those not so straight forward weapons to outgun. It is different than just out shooting someone, it requires more patience and practice. That is one of the simple reasons people gripe about cheap kills. Trust me, they aren’t cheap.

I don’t think 343 will nerf it either because so few people know how to use it and/or don’t use it.

eg. funny watching someone fire the boltshot off in single fire mode.

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The Boltshot is OP because its extremely easy to use, and its OHK area is further than both the Shotgun and Scattershot. When your starting weapon is better than the “power weapon”, you’re doing it wrong.

Seriously, what

The fork?

I didn’t like it at all. I like the solo one. Why are there so few playlists? I’m starting to get bored fast. Can’t even play a social custom game search or hardly find any custom maps either. Where are the cool huge forge worlds? Ugggg - Still no halo spec code email either - very frustrated.

VIP used to be my favourite gametype, but this just feels too different. The whole bounty and points deal is just messy.

I can barely hit someone with a Bolt Shot at the very least actually charge it up before someone kills me.

No it’s not overpowered. Don’t let them get that bonus. It’s not OP. It’s called STRATEGY. You want to protect your king to get those bonuses and kill so the other king doesn’t get it.

I love the playlist. Easy kills and fast xp. Gonna play it a lot this week to get my regicide commendations up, the FFA regicide is too much of a gangbang for me, grenade spam is ridiculous…

Yes, I had 2 idiots running around with it the whole game using it as a primary.

Yes, I had 2 idiots running around with it the whole game using it as a primary.

Yes, I had 2 idiots running around with the boltshot the whole game using it as a primary.

That’s okay. The game kept assigning the same person as the King and that same person literally just sprinted to their immediate death. No kills, just got slaughtered over and over and over. There was nothing we could do but just wait until the game was over.

I should just stop playing the new playlist feature when it first comes out, it’s just flooded with idiots running around without a clue what to do in a normal match, let alone the weekly feature.

How many free for all playlists are there? Regicide and ffa throwback right? Am I missing any? Regicide is the closest thing we’ve got to a pure free for all playlist, The King is a very small objective in the game and you don’t even need to get the most regicides to win a match. So why are we making every single playlist team based, can’t we just have ONE pure ffa slayer playlist?

Before you tell me to play throwback I just want to say gametypes in ffa throwback - oddball and koth right? - these are great team based games which I don’t want to do solo. Regicide is the most like FFA Anniversary which was my favourite playlist. Little to no objectives, just kill everyone in sight and win the match, the way it should be.

I was playing Regicide yesterday and the first game of the day I played 3 or 4 people were afk. It was a boring match, just ran around assassinating people who weren’t there. Now that it’s a team based game it could get even duller as entire teams could be afk OR you could spawn on an afk team and have absolutely no chance of winning. Another reason to keep it FFA.

Hopefully team regicide is only a weekly promotion and next week we’ll go back to standard regicide.