Team Regicide, do you know how to play?

Every game of Team Regicide I play, nobody on my team wants to protect the king. They’re content with feeding the other team.
That, and if I’m not king, they’re perfectly content with running directly into three of them firing at him.

I swear objective games need an initial tutorial.

I agree. I see too many players playing “slayer” in objective games.

I feel your pain. I feel like it took me a (absurdly) long time to learn how to play this game type. I think that some sort of tutorial would be very helpful for people to understand this OBJECTIVE game (not simply slayer).
Perhaps you could write one up and we could try to sticky it?
It happened on Bungie boards with some game types and the VIP playlist specifically.
I think if people understood how to play the game, less people would be hating on it.

I don’t think people realize that when you’re king you’re supposed to hang back and stay alive. When someone else becomes king from killing people, then they hang back while you go out and kill people. Unfortunately, hardly anyone does this.

if you’re king theres no reason to hold back, you should be getting kills at all times, all you need to know is how to survive, don’t fight in situations you can’t win etc etc. the problem is that most people who are the king use CQC weapons which lack versatility and so they get killed easily.

The reason you hold back is you’re worth more to the enemy team. It’s not a lone wolf playlist.

LOL, instead of CMAR (cry me a river)…

It’s team VIP, DUH, but alas, maybe a bit complicated for some…I just go back and play regicide because "I’m the King’ and I do n’t have to worry about anyone else…

> if you’re king theres no reason to hold back, you should be getting kills at all times

I’m not saying to hold back by not getting kills. What I meant was to play passive and don’t go rushing at their entire team.

I agree! it pisses me off when the king is constantly rushing!

DOH!.. People should read the -Yoink!- manual…



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