Team Recon (Halo 4)

Hi Everyone,
I am recruiting members for my new clan, Team Recon.
The clan will be focused on matchmaking teams although if it grows big enough eventually clan battles. The clan will be laid back and already has a few members being recruited.
We will also play reach sometimes and host large 16 player custom games of your choice.
Members can be of any skill type and do not require set gamer tags only your emblem and armour colour.

We are also willing to recruit new admins and would be open to any new ideas.
If you would like to join this clan message me on xbox live (le Recoil) or reply to this message.


So how many people are in this clan? what are the colours and emblem?.. What is the country of origin?.. Would you consider doing Custom games RPG’s?

The emblem is
Icon : Delta
Background : Shield
Primary Colour : Steel
Secondary Colour : Steel
Background Colour : Gold
The country of origin is United Kingdom but we accept anyone who can speak English.
So far their are about 6 members and yes we would consider RPG’s.