Team Reclamation recruiting for BTB players

Do you go into the BTB playlist alone only to be paired up with randoms who are absolutely terrible, micless and display no sense of teamwork?
Ask yourself:
Are you a skilled player looking for a team of like-minded players for BTB in Halo 5?
Do you want to become a part of a team of skilled players for Halo 5?
We are Reclamation, a group specialized in BTB. Our goal is to build a network of great players who want to become a part of a skilled BTB Halo team that will be able to be competent, competitive, and work together to one day become a huge force to be wreaked with in Halo 5 BTB Matchmaking

Incentives would include not having to deal with randoms, a good learning experience for all players that will potentially involve giving pointers on skill, key map points, call outs, vehicle usage, game type strategies etc

We’re more of a “team” than a “clan.” Although we have a clan symbol we utilize you will not be required to change your gamertag. The team will have designated roles that each teammate specializes in but each player is free to do what they see fit on the battlefield.

Everyone will be encourage to put forth a team effort in helping each other out on potentially struggling areas he or she may not be strong in such as for example “strafing” or “sniping”

In our quest to find the greatest and best players, we like all groups have very simple requirements that each member must meet in order for them to be a part of our group. You must:

  • Display great communication capabilities with “call outs” for example that will require the use of a mic. Time weapon and vehicle spawns.

  • Display decent individual skill capabilities

  • Above all else, you must display the most important mechanic that in our opinion will make or break the group and that is Teamwork!!
    Want/Need immediately
    Power Weapon Roles
    Vehicle Roles
    Warthog(Driver, Gunner)
    Support Roles

If interested Message the Owner TenguNova or the Co-Owner Noobert. EU Players are welcome too.