Team Quick Strike is recruiting!

Team Quick Strike is recruiting. We are currently looking for 2 members to join our team for the Master Chief Collection (h2 anniversary). We are looking for players who can play a couple to few hours most nights (doesn’t have to be every night). We have 3 members on our team but would like 5 (1 sub). You must possess a good skill level. Two of our members have a lot of MLG experience dating back to the halo 2 and halo 3 days. If you are interested please go to our Team page and message us. Send us your credentials and what type of player you are, slayer/support/objective. For more info as well just visit our team page and or message us with your questions as well.

Team page: Redirecting...

im intrested my gt is IceZombie115

Sorry I forgot to mention it was for the master chief collection on Xbone.