Team Overlay/Outline Is Distracting, Also Might Negatively Affect Custom FFA/Clan Big Team Battles

I’m not sure if its just me, but I have difficulty deciphering who’s on my team and who’s on the enemy team during a fire fight. This is because I see conflicting colors. I can set the color overlay to the enemy team as red, and my teammate might be using a red armor coating, and I’ll start shooting at MY TEAMMATE, instead of my enemy because the enemy team color is more predominate on my ally than my enemy.

If we are stuck with Color Overlays then can we get an ADJUSTMENT SLIDER for the INTENSITY of the Overlay Glow. For me its too thin for me to see my enemies, for others they think its too big. We have settings to change every little intricacy of how everything renders, but we don’t have an option to make our outlines thicker.

One other aspect I want to mention is for custom big team battles like clan raids, the enemy overlay will be way too distracting for players to determine whether they’re looking at their team or the enemy team. The reason being is that these games have to be played within free for all so we can manage to do different types of buddy jumps.

Side note: Is anyone else bugged by the fact that if you’re on a team with someone you just permeate through them?