Team Orion Recruits

Hello Halo fan !

I represent the French Team Orion [ORN], I’m here to tell you that we are recruiting FRENCH players. And I’m hoping to find French players in this forum Halo Waypoint !
We operate in MLG and BTB, we have a T4 and T8. Today we are recruiting for more members to be most flexible in the games. It awaits for the MCC !

Long live Halo !

Is this a team or a clan?

We are a Team that has existed since 2011

If you guys need a scrim add “paradlse”

If you speak french, with pleasure!

Why do I need to speak French if you’re going to be on the other team? I want to set up a 4v4 scrimmage between our teams. Add and message “paradlse” to work out the details.

I talk with my Team, and I repeat !