Team Orbit

Hi There,I am the co leader of our halo division in our clan

Our members are very friendly and communicative, offering to help out if needed and we have over 200 new posts on our forum everyday. We are already sponsored with more sponsors comng in, the clan now has a professional structure with mature leaders managing the clan. Obviously the main aim is for our members to have as much fun as possible, joining in with the discussions, posting topics, attending money tournaments, reading the daily news about gaming, participating in debates and videos together with voting for awards given to members etc… Current games we are invovled in are:

C&C Red Alert 3
C&C Generals 2
Company of Heroes 2
COD Black OPS 2
League of Legends
Dota 2
Starcraft 2
Halo 4

Our aim is to have Team Orbit participating in and winning MLG GB tournaments (just like our COD BO2 teams). We would very much appreciate it if you could help in continuing to make our clan one of the strongest ones on the battlefield in MLG and throughout the world.

Website address:

Please note - Just registering on our website DOES NOT make you a member of our clan so if you are interested in joining our clan then please reply to this recruitement topic after registering -