Team of three is looking for one

I will try to make this as to the point as possible. We are a TO3 looking for one more player to complete our team.
Some requirements:
[/li]- Age 13+

  • MUST have mic
  • Knowing call outs is strongly recommended but if you are significantly above average, but don’t know them, it can work
  • Must be willing to dedicate significant time towards practice
  • We are NOT looking for-cocky players, angry players,“weekend only” players, people who don’t make smart plays, and people who can’t make time because of another game

Making smart plays is huge and very important to us. We compete on PGL but with a fourth we will not start playing until significant practice. We are also working on a team montage. We all have positive kd’s= 1.29, 1.16, and 1.86. A high CSR would also help with decision making. A good BR, universal snipe, and good teamshots/callouts are huge to us. We don’t want people whom we have to train. No AGL/MLG experience is required, but would be considered a plus. Once again, we need players who practice regularly. I, personally, get a minimum of about 3-4 hours a day. Message me at GT: Wolf Lingers for more information on when you can try out. One last thing-living on the East Coast or in EST would be nice. Thank you.


will join i am 14

Willing to try out, but I can usually only play on weekends (late at night, eastern time). Can play probably 30 mins a day on the week days.

My GT: BD ZhongGuoRen

I’m sure I would make your team much better…just a matter of if you want someone who doesn’t play every single day.