Team objective is awesome

I love that playlist i hope they add a lot more maps in it in halo 4 tho. I like how you can juggle the flag now in reach in most game types people say you cant because they do not know how.

Agreed, except for flag juggling. I’d rather that go away.

I love the flag juggling its so awesome why do u hate it

> I love the flag juggling its so awesome why do u hate it

Meh, just kills it. Doesn’t fit really. You pick up the flag, you move slowly with the flag. Don’t like to see people circumvent what something was meant to be.

I like it because it makes it fast paced I guess and its really fun to do.

TO has always been my favorite playlist, but in Halo 4 it needs MOAR vehicles!!!1!11!!one!!

There are ZERO vehicles in Reach’s Team Objective playlist.

In Halo 3, nearly every single map in TO had a vehicle, even if it was just a mongoose or a single ghost.

Objective without vehicles just isn’t as fun. I miss those epic Hog flag caps. :smiley:

I’m a fan of flag juggling myself. The only disadvantage is the announcer going crazy… But it really reminds you that your flag is being stolen, so it isn’t that bad. The advantage is that you have a skillful way of running the flag that is also pretty fun to do.

Flag juggling wouldn’t even be necessary if flag running speed were just standard. Yes, a slower flag carrier promotes teamwork, but it was exaggerated in Reach: flags are too hard to capture. In Halo 4, the flag carrier doesn’t need to be slowed down, because everyone can sprint around indefinitely while the flag carrier can’t (unless they sprint juggle)

The result is that people just end up slaying in a match with a very long time limit, which is boring. Which explains why it isn’t as popular as it was back in Halo 2 and 3.

A first fix to Halo 4 objective gametypes would be to make caps easier. It gets more fun and rewarding that way. If you increase the score limit and reward a scoring team with extending the game, you will also have a system that results in less draws.

IMO objective should be won by using teamwork and not spamming same button combo over, over and over again. When you carry a flag you get slowed down and your teammates should protect you. That’s how I see it.

Objective playlists are great and with Flag juggling it will be much better …

Classic CTF is better then all this new stuff they added in Reach

Yeah I recently have gotten addicted to CTF. I was doing real well in one match where I was using the sniper rifle at long rang to ding everybody that got close to the flag bearer and I loved it! Kind of like the runner scene from the movie “Last Of The Mohicans”.

I know my statement is kind of meaningless on this thread, but I like objectve games. They give you, you know, an objective in stead of free for all slaughter like BTB, which is OK itself sometimes to hone your skills.