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Hi guys, I’m GreenFalcon13 and I want to thank you for viewing this thread. I’m three years late in making this, but here’s the official thread to Team Misfit. “Team Misfit” is a Machinima series that I started with my friends in late 2009 and continues today… very slowly. Anyway, I’m just creating this to help put the series out there a little more, and to see if I can get some more feedback in the series.

If you do decide to watch, the first few episodes will crawl a bit, (It was my first time making this stuff guys!), but later episodes tend to pick up the pace. I honestly thought I would never get past Episode 4, and I’m really proud of all the work that has been put into the series. I mean yeah there are few things that coulda been better, writing errors, acting errors, etc… But it truly is a beginning, it may not call much attention to it, but my writing has definitely improved over the years and I promise you the story does get better in later seasons.

Story and Creation

It starts off with a graduating marine, Xavier Brennt Wilkalski, who wants to find out about his past since was an orphan. From here he joins a re-assembling squad and gets caught up in there schemes and plans to bring justice back to the world. In there journey they meet many friends, but discover a great conspiracy that makes them many enemies.(Season #1 Overview)

The story is somewhat cliché, and is (of course) heavily influenced by Halo lore. Although, I drift off of this later in the series, because I wanted it to become more of its own original story. It just uses “The Halo Universe” as a way to express itself. The show was originally intended as a comedy, but I turned around and made it much more serious. When the group decided against this, I then shifted back to comdey. Now I intend to express more balance in the series with both comedy/drama. As I already started a more dramatic series in “Moses Gunn”. So I felt Team Misfit would be much lighter, but still retain a very intriguing storyline.

Unfortunately, the group started breaking up around Episode 4. People get busy, so since then, apart from a few war scenes in later episodes, I’ve been doing almost everything. Regardless my friends are still into doing the voice-overs. So we still have all the original voice actors since the start. Other than that, I still do everything that en-compasses the creation of a Machinima. (It quite a scene using 4 remotes at once, and don’t even get me started on stunts…) I’m also collaborating with two of the voice actor’s band on working on original music.

I just bothered to state the above paragraph, because I know it’s not a top notch-quality Machinima series. It’s done for the sake of fun and just because. I have a Dazzle and record off a 220GB HDD, 3GB RAM, half broken laptop. So yeah, you make the best with what you got.

Well thanks for reading this much! Sorry it’s a bit winded, and I hope you enjoy the series! Thanks so much!


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Youtube Channel

Team Misfit Episode Listings

Season #1 (Playlist Here)

Trailer #2

Episode 1: The Induction
Episode 2: New Friends
Episode 3: Kidnapper
Episode 4: Intel
Intel (Part 2)
Episode 5: The List
Episode 6: The Commander
Episode 7: #00XQR1XYZ
Episode 7.5: Simulation Winters
Episode 8: Insurrection
Episode 9: TANK!!!
Episode 10: Kidnapped
Episode 11: Traitor? (The Semi-Censored Version!)
Episode 11: Traitor? (Un-Censored) The real way to end the Season!

Season #2

Also if you decide to view the show, let me know if episode 9 is working. For some reason youtube is playing it back a little buggy latly, I might have to re-upload it.

Episode 7.5 is Live! Be sure to check out the facebook fan page for behind the scene screenshots!